ARTICLE: Assassinating a Prime Minister’s Reputation: Ten Ways to Blackmail Tony Blair

Like John F. Kennedy thirty-seven years earlier, Tony Blair came to power with a clean-cut, charismatic image that promised ‘safe’ change, more social justice, and a strong head on his shoulders. But also like JFK, the youthful leader of ‘New’ Labour had more than a few skeletons trailing behind him. True or not, they remain the subject of intense gossip – and a number of incontrovertible facts – to this day.

They cover not only his early years as a barrister and MP, but also key moments when he was at the height of his power and reputation as an international statesman and warlord.

The wayward lawyer

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair married Cherie Booth on 29th March 1980. Just four years out of University, Blair was trying to establish himself as a barrister – but not with much success.

“He wasn’t very good” says a retired commercial lawyer who hired him at the time through Derry Irvine’s Chambers. “Frankly he didn’t listen to the brief, and he caved in to the Judge…to the fury of my clients. So I fired him. I told Derry, ‘Don’t ever send that twat to me again'”.

The solicitor was appalled at the ease with which Blair betrayed his clients “for a quiet life”. Betrayal (as we shall see) is an amoral spine running through Teflon Tony’s life-story.

We interviewed the lawyer at some length. “When I watched him give in to the EU about the eight billion quid” he said, “I thought of that day in Court”.

Close friends of the Blairs agree that Tony was a washout as a barrister….and that Cherie was without doubt the superstar. But in turn, while specialising in wealthy and commercial clients, for a young man supposedly interested in left-wing ideas Blair defended some odd people.

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