Once again it is left to the alternative media –the splendid U.K. Column which once again uncovers more paedophilia– to lift the lid on the many paedophiles in office, in the State, and in the Establishment. Why, exactly, aren’t the B.B.C. covering this issue? Have they something to hide?

The B.B.C. is channel that most children watch. Perhaps wise parents ought now to re-think allowing their children to do so.   

The full expose can be viewed in the video below. 

It seems nowadays that everyone in the public eye is attempting to suppress the press and media. It seems that the rich and powerful are quick to take drastic legal actions when stories in the press don’t suit their public image. From sports personalities, celebrities and actors to politician’s indiscretions.

From ‘super-dupa’ court injunctions which prevent you from even thinking about telling someone’s story. To famous and influential people and their representatives making dodgy deals with the media, arranging not to run certain stories about their indiscretions in return for juicer ones about someone else. Jimmy Savile apparently called newspapers up directly and told them that he wouldn’t raise money for a particular charity if they ran allegations of paedophilia about him.

Ben Fellows - Kenneth Clarke touched my penis over my trousers when I was 15 years old. Cabinet office sex abuse rife BBC paedophiles child actor Sky report

Ben Fellows

So I published a story with a headline that ran ‘I RAN THE GAUNTLET OF PEDOPHILES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY’, SAYS FORMER CHILD ACTOR’. In the article I mention that during my time working on the ‘Cash For Questions’ story for The Cook Report, Ken Clarke groped my penis with his hand whilst in a political lobbyist’s office. Now, he thought I was fifteen years old at the time. It was an unpleasant incident for me which lasted no more than a few seconds. After the incident I told a number of The Cook Report staff about the groping and we left it at that, as they would have to discuss whether or not they could even include the footage in the programme.

So when the publisher of 21st Century Wire received an email from the Cabinet Office yesterday evening – let’s say that I for one wasn’t surprised. The email protested Kenneth Clarke’s innocence so vehemently that it was even denying things that Ken Clarke had never been accused of – at least not by me.

Kathryn Laing, Special Advisor to Kenneth Clarke in the Cabinet Office said :

Please Could you remove the comments about Ken Clarke from the following posts on your website : HYPERLINK http://21stcenturywire.com/ and HYPERLINKhttp://21stcenturywire.com/2012/10/11/i-ran-the-gauntlet-of-pedophiles-in-the-entertainment-industry-says-former-child-actor/

Kathryn goes onto say …

The comments are a complete fabrication and highly defamatory. Mr Clarke has never been involved in any incidents of this kind. He was not involved in Cash for Questions – at the time he was a Minister and therefore could not ask questions. He is firmly heterosexual. Like most parliamentarians he vaguely knew Ian Greer but had no dealings with him. The most charitable interpretation is that it is a case of mistaken identity

She finishes off with a standard legal threat against the 21st Century Wire :

If the comments are not removed Mr Clarke will need to consider legal action

Ben Fellows - Kenneth Clarke touched my penis over my trousers when I was 15 years old. Cabinet office sex abuse rife BBC paedophiles child actor Sky report

Ken Clarke

For the record – my allegation is that Ken Clarke touched my penis over my trousers when he had been told I was fifteen years old. I was actually nearer eighteen but was playing the part of a fifteen year old for The Cook Report. Incidentally Kathryn on Ken’s behalf states that Kenneth wasn’t involved in “Cash for Questions”. Well I never said he was or that he had ‘dealings’ with Ian Greer.

I have no idea why he was in Greer’s office. I was just a kid delivering a “dirty deal” message to Ian Greer for the TV programme. That’s it. The point is that Ken Clarke was in Ian Greer’s office and that’s when I met him. I’ve also never questioned his sexuality or his friendship with Ian Greer or lack thereof. Of course Ken is clearly getting a little desperate and his advisors don’t seem to be able to come up with an adequate plan to deal with the situation. So they are trying to say that I couldn’t recognise him or that it wasn’t him – a case of mistaken identity? Please, I know what Ken Clarke looks like and Ian Greer even introduced him as Ken Clarke.

This series of articles began as a story about child abuse and paedophilia in the wider entrainment industry and not just the BBC. However, having been interviewed by The Times journalist Jack Malvern, a senior features writer, only to have the story dropped by the Murdoch’s because I’d named someone who is fronting their Christmas schedule this year. Just to remind you that the Newsnight programme was pulled for exactly the same reasons by the BBC.

Now, we’re moving into the centre of government, exposing a cabinet minister for groping what he thought was a fifteen year old boy’s genitals. To discovering that politicians think that if they write a letter asking for the news to be changed that editors and publishers will actually do it. This of course proves without a shadow of a doubt that we no longer have a free press. If indeed that’s what editors and publishers do on receiving one of these emails from the Cabinet Office.

Ministers affecting or even attempting to affect the news is a very dangerous place to be. When you allow anyone to suppress, edit or spike a news story you turn from being a democracy into a dictatorship. It really is that simple. The question is where does it end? One day it might be suppressing an incident of groping a teenager … tomorrow it could be suppressing the reason why we are going to a war.

The press’ job in a democracy is to question and bring to task people who are attempting to pervert our society.

I think John F Kennedy said it best when he said :

No official of my administration, whether his rank his high or low, civilian or military should interpret my words here tonight as a reason to censor the news to stifle dissent to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and public the facts they deserve to know

Is Ken Clarke really threatening our democracy by sending this email asking for a publisher to censor himself? Probably not. But we are certainly going down a very slippery slope.

Ben Fellows

Hat tip:  http://www.maxfarquar.com/2012/10/ben-fellows-kenneth-clarke/comment-page-2/#comments


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  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate yyou penning
    this ost and the rest of the website is really good.


  4. The UK Family Courts can never allow the press access to its “proceedings”.
    I endured a “Fact Finding” hearing which made absolutely no sense. During August 2010 my hearing was in front of Circuit Judge Rylance at Epsom County Court. It was supposed to take a full day, but was restricted to 4 short hours.
    My case has allegations from both sides, basically my relationship with my ex-partner and mother of one of my children ended August 2009after she realised she was in financial difficulty (debts of over £40,000) . She thought she needed to return to her parents’ house and convince me to sell the house we owned together. Needles to say… Her urgency was increased even more because she had a credit card with /£10,000 owed and the interest free period expiring 3 weeks later.
    When I disagreed, she used our child as a weapon then resorted to intimidation.
    To support my allegations, I have submitted in circuit judge Rylance words a “voluminous” bundle of evidence which strongly supports my allegations and very convincing refuted my ex’s. Because the evidence I submitted were voluminous judge John Rylance ignored it all.
    During the hearing none of my allegations were even mentioned, they were all dismissed a form of intimidation. My evidence included:
    – joint bank account statements
    – evidence of my ex’s failed credit card application
    – evidence of my ex’s desperate telephone calls to 6 different lenders 2 nights before she moved out
    – evidence of confirmation from HMRC that I was not entitled to a £14,000 tax rebate. Which was posted by HMRC 6 days before my ex left our family home.
    – emails from my ex threatening me to refuse me from any contact unless, I agreed to sell the family home and give her all the profits
    – emails from my ex, warning me of the danger I would be in if I didn’t sell the house immediately.
    – emails from my ex, boasting to me that her father is very close friends with a senior police officer in the Surrey area and no court would ever rule against her…

    – evidence of my ex socialising with the Cafcass officer in my case
    – evidence of the Cafcass office in my case boyfriend appearing in the same modified car magazine together with my ex’s brother

    All of my ex-partners we reviewed if great detail; which took several hours because all of her statements, complaints to the police and answers during cross examination varied drastically.
    A few of her allegations are as follows:
    1) On the day I told her I submitted papers to court, my ex coincidentally alleges she say me at` 21:00 mid November 2009 driving on the opposite side of the road! She knew it was me because she saw my car registration. Therefore I was stalking her. There were witness statements suggesting:

    – I drove past my ex.
    – Then went to the house she randomly decided to stop at after work
    – Then I arrived at another friends house, where my ex decided to dive to after she saw me.
    All 3 locations are at least 5 miles apart, but I was alleged to be at all 3 within the space of 10 minutes….

    Ignoring the fact that I drive a common black car, which does not have the front registration plate illuminated \\(therefore at night all you would see is my head lamps) Circuit Judge Rylance surmised that the facts are irrelevant because if it was me, the mere fact that I was on a road 20 miles away from where we both lived it was my intentions to intimidate my ex.
    2) October 2009 my ex-partner told me her father’s friend who is a senior police man told her to make allegations of domestic abuse in order to secure free legal representation.
    The fact that I had submitted a complaint to the Police Department of Professional Standards regarding the advise she received was another form of domestic abuse! Presumable police officers are perfectly entitled to pervert the course of justice?
    3) Amongst my ex-partner varying and inconsistent allegations, she alleged that 2 years prior to her deciding to leave, I threw a house telephone at her unintentionally, which happened to hit both her and my child leaving them both with 1 small scratch, no bump, concussion or bruising.
    The photographs taken 1 day, 5 days and 7 days (2 weeks leading up to Christmas) after the alleged incident, which I submitted to refute her version of events were all dismissed because they were not time stamped. Presumable if I knew I was collecting evidence then I would have taken better care?
    The fact that I was not present when the injuries were sustained and the only explanation I had was the one given to me by my ex-partner at the time, was also rejected by Circuit Judge Rylance. He surmised that both versions of events were unlikely, but decided to accept the allegation from my ex-partner. He actually suggests that a blunt house telephone is more likely to cause a scratch to the forehead, leaving not swelling, bruising or concussion than the sharp corner of a draw!
    4) My ex partner also suggested in mid 2006, because we were arguing then I tried to leave the room we were both in. She even admitted she perused me to 3 different rooms, then I pushed her while she was pregnant as I passed on a narrow landing to escape outside and have a cigarette!
    To date, I still do not recall pushing all I remember was finally being frees to from the house and having a cigarette. Circuit Judge Rylance, surmised the contact though may have been slight still constitutes domestic abuse!
    5) Without previously submitting a formal witness statement another of my ex-partners was allowed to take her place on the witness stand and make the exact same allegations against me! All without a prior statement or any evidence to support her allegations.
    Is perjury now allowed the UK Family Courts? Under UK law, no one is allow to stand and give evidence without a prior statement. (Unless it is in circuit judge John Rylance’s own private court)?
    As I was litigating in person, I was also forced to endure the greatest torrent of intrusive and aggressive behaviour from the female barrister that represented my ex-partner. While I am some-what grateful she temporarily had something to fill what appears to be a mostly vacuous existence, I fear Circuit Judge Rylance did nothing to cull her over enthusiastic, intrusive and aggressive attitude towards me. Is this not harassment? Circuit Judge John Rylance my be accustomed to mass hysteria in his daily life, but this was completely alien and abnormal behaviour in my opinion.
    Within the first 45 minutes of the hearing my ex-partner appeared to cry on 15 separate occasions, forcing the court clerk to hand her a bundle of tissues. Needles to say, my ex promptly dropped them to the floor then continued to pretend she was upset. Her false act very promptly stopped after I highlighted that after 45 minutes she was still to produce a single tear drop! Surprisingly she was then very able to continue for another 3 hours without being upset at all. In fact the only emotion she directed at me was exceptional levels of aggression!
    The media will never be allowed in the Family Courts. Could this be why?
    Needles to say, in the 12 page bundle produced by Circuit Judge Rylance, nowhere did it mention anything about contact my child should have with me. Neither did it highlight any concerns about the contact I have with my child.
    There has previously been over 6 months of supervised contact which very strongly promotes me as a good father. Now several weeks after the court hearing, I am still waiting for Cafcass to arrange contact.
    This whole process is insane! The fact that court officials are never held accountable for their actions are decisions is dangerous!
    During his verbal summary, while concluding the Fact Finding hearing Circuit Judge Rylance in his summary suggested that as my child has not had any contact with her paternal family for 9 months, he will “grant a few members of my family contact, but not all of them.”
    Which ones? Do I line up members of my daughter paternal family by skin colour and ask circuit judge John Rylance to advise which are light enough to qualify for contact?
    How else do I decide?
    Maybe I run a lottery to decide who can contact my child?
    What business of his is this? To date there are only allegations against me, none of which have been consistent, made any sense, truthful or substantiated with any evidence!
    As a 6’3″ black man residing in the UK in 2012, I feel the fate of my mixed race child has been decided purely based on the colour of my skin!
    How could this be possible?
    How would this ever be reported out to the rest of the world?


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  6. In light of these recent allegations, exactly how appropriate is it to conduct family court hearings under a cloud of secrecy?

    I’ve had the grave misfortune of Judge Rylance casting his opinion of my own family circumstances. If you read his daughter Georgina’s profile, to me it was very clear why she needed to be rushed off to boarding school as soon as she reached a pubescent age!

    FAO Georgina, we all know why you were removed from the family home! What we all struggle to understand is how / why you still call this monster “daddy dearest”?

    What’s even more perplexing is how you keep quiet and allo this monster to continue ruining our children’s lives. Georgina Rylance your silence makes you just as disgusting and beastly as your father circuit judge John Rylance.


    • Needless to say, we have been in meetings with Michael Gove since 2010. Out of sheer frustration and inconsistencies with my case plus judge Rylance’s association with the UK indoor bowls community and the fact that the child in question’s maternal grand father was a UK indoors bowls champion. Mr Gove requested a meeting with Kenneth Clarke in May 2012, we are still waiting for the UK justice secretary to respond 6 months later…!


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