A LLANELLI councillor faces an Ombudsman investigation over alleged offensive tweeting.

Councillor John Jenkins, who represents the Elli ward of the town, has been reported to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales for a series of tweets he made on his personal Twitter account.

The tweets, posted over the last few months, made reference to a sex toy, joked about paedophilia and referred to a well-known footballer as a “budding pervert”.

But Councillor Jenkins has refused to apologise for what he has labelled as a “smear campaign” against him.

A report which appeared in the press yesterday made reference to a tweet from Councillor John Jenkins which addressed a friend, Jessica Harries.

In response to a tweet from Miss Harries which said: “I really need to earn some money. Fast. Sensible tips please”, the councillor initially tweeted: “There’s a horse going in Sandown tomorrow.”

She then tweeted: “Not gambling”, to which he responded: “Prostitution? On a serious note, good money in being in an escort.”

But he said the tweets were meant as “harmless banter between friends”.

He added: “There were three jokey tweets between friends, none of whom were remotely offended.

“No doubt I’ve annoyed some people high up on the greasy pole of politics who have attempted to smear me from behind a cowardly cloak of anonymity.

“The jokes weren’t open for everyone to see — only my friends had access to my tweets and someone has had to go to a lot of effort to trawl through all my communications to find three pretty innocuous tweets to dress up as controversial.

“In short, I do not see the need to apologise as the friends with whom the banter was exchanged were not offended.

Read on: http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Llanelli-councillor-John-Jenkins-face-probe/story-16641579-detail/story.html


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