(2013) The New Labour Party –helps its donators avoid paying tax/kicks the people in the teeth

Miliband and Harman in front of hammber and sickle

New Labour -the “party of the workers, of the people”? In avoiding paying tax, which everyone (the people) have to pay, then clearly not they are not. Those who still slavishly cling to the misty-eyed notion that this party, this one head of the tri-partite hydra, serve their interests are nothing more than misinformed fools.

The Lib-Lab-Con machine serves the interests of no one but its financial backers and controllers.

Britain’s Labour party has helped one of its financial supporters, avoiding tax worth up to £1.65 million.

The party’s biggest donor, John Mills, admitted the donation was given in the form of shares in January in attempts to reduce the amount of tax he would have to pay.

If he had given £1.65?million from his own income he would have had to pay almost half of that sum to the taxman, Mills told the Daily Telegraph.

This comes as the donation in the form of shares would increase the income to the Labour party and reduce the amount of money given to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Mills, a former councillor in Camden, said that the idea of donating in shares came following discussions with the Labour, adding that the decision “came out of a discussion” he had with them “about the best way of doing it”.

In a letter to Labour leader Ed Miliband, British Chancellor George Osborne said the move appeared “directly at odds” with Miliband’s previous remarks about tax paid by giant corporations.


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