A message to you, the readership

In repose to a minority but growing number of communications I have received, I make the following response:

This website is for the purpose of posterity, a charge sheet, an indictment, if you will, when one day the Enemies of the People will be brought to book under a Common Law court arraignment that is certain to find them guilty of their many crimes committed (outlined in the “tags” section).

This website is not, nor has it ever professed to be, an up-to-date, finger-on-the-pulse bulletin exposing our enemies in Parliament and State (the System). (But eventually we get round to charting them.)

This website has dipped considerably in the regularity of its updates due to the lack of manpower. There were once three people updating this website, and now there is only one, yours truly.

If any of you readers -in particular the 104 followers of this website- would like to come onboard and help, then please feel free to contact me: contacteotp@googlemail.com whereupon you will, after a short trial, be granted publishing rights for this website.

I cannot do this on my own. Those with criticism and complaints are encouraged to step forward and put their time where their mouth is.

As you will see below, the best stats this site has ever had was 21, 074 visitors in one day.


We owe it to our children, our future, and to Truth and Justice to ensure this site continues to hold our enemies to account. Is there anybody out there willing to step forward to meet this virtuous endeavour?


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