(2006) New Labour’s Lord Janner –HIS AID IS MYSTERIOUSLY MURDERED

Well, it seems that the plot thickens. Please join the dots. Look at the mysterious murder of Liberal Democrat Cllr. Frank Beck It is plausible that Lord Janner knew each him (the Establishment is extremely incestuous). How intimate their relationship one can only guess, but perhaps Beck was ready to cut a deal with the authorities to lessen his sentence by implicating Janner -hence the mysterious murder.

Unfortunately, this case is just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of paedophiles and persons related to it in the Establishment can be found here, documented in several pages http://eotp.org/tag/paedophilia/ This is in addition to the rapists http://eotp.org/tag/rapists/ and other sex criminals http://eotp.org/tag/sex-criminals/ .

Paedophilia is rife in the Establishment. No wonder the MET have refused to investigate Cyril Smith -heaven knows what what would be uncovered. And MI5 didn’t know about Jimmy Savile -even though he regularly associated with royalty! PMSL! What a risible insult to our intelligence.


89 Years For Killing Alan

The one-time aide to Lord Janner was stabbed to death in July 2006, just a month after moving to Washington DC to take up a prestigious internship on the potential presidential campaign of Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

On Friday, Christopher Piper, 26, and Jeffrey Rice, 23 were sentenced to a combined 89 years for robbing and murdering the 27-year-old, described as one of Anglo-Jewry’s rising stars.

Both men pleaded guilty to the charges of second degree murder and burglary at the District of Columbia Superior Court in May. Rice was sentenced to 52 years in prison and Piper to 37 years.

Speaking to TJ yesterday, Senitt’s sister, Emma said: “Although I didn’t think the sentence was long enough, I don’t think any thing would be long enough. The last year has been like a movie and you wait for the credits to roll, but they won’t.”

The family said in a statement that they would have liked the sentences to be longer but were happy with the outcome. “We were all dealt a life sentence on 9 July 2006. We have to live with the constant nightmares; they must live with his blood on their hands. Although the sentences dealt to his attackers were not as long as we would have liked we do feel that some justice has been delivered.”

Handing down the sentence, the judge, Neal Kravitz, described the attack as “a savage murder” adding that it was his responsibility to ensure the perpetrators “never again pray on innocent people”.

Senitt, originally from Pinner, was walking a female friend home in the affluent neighbourhood of Georgetown when they were attacked by a gang demanding their cash and possessions. Piper used a pellet gun disguised as a handgun to steal the woman’s purse and also tried to sexually assault her, the prosecution said.

Senitt was stabbed in the chest and had his throat slit by Rice while trying to protect his friend. He died from his injuries.

The family expressed disappointment that an unnamed 15-year-old was only given juvenile detention until the age of 21 after admitting charges of felony murder, conspiracy, armed robbery and theft.

The case of a fourth suspect, Olivia Miles, accused of driving the getaway car has been kept confidential.

A statement was also read out during Friday’s hearing from the female friend Sennitt was trying to protect. A lawyer for the woman, who has remained anonymous, said the pair were confronted by the men outside the mansion where Senitt was staying. They were separated and Piper forced her to the ground and fondled her, the statement said. She screamed she was being raped. She said Senitt’s last words were: “They’ve cut me.”

Her statement added: “No one deserved to spend their final moments like this, especially Alan.”

Lord Janner, who worked closely with Senitt on interfaith charity, the Co-Existence Trust, told TJ: “It’s an eternal tragedy which haunts me every day. He was a great young man and we worked together very happily. His loss was a disaster for his family, friends and the whole community.”

89 Years For Killing Alan by Marc Shoffman


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