ARTICLE: M.P.s Demands Free Food

PAMPERED MPs want free meals after complaining of MICE and “stinking” cut-price grub in the Commons.

They want taxpayers to pick up the entire bill for all they scoff.

Many complain of “weird” menus served up in “Soviet-style” restaurants INFESTED with mice — and say the food is not worth paying for. But taxpayers fork out£5.8MILLION a year to subsidise their meals.

One MP wrote: “I saw a mouse in the Members’ Tea Room about which I made comment to a member of staff. The member of staff was pretty matter of fact — to the point that I got the impression that the sight of a rodent was par for the course!”

Scores moaned about the standard of their heavily-subsidised food in a survey of politicians and their staff.

They whinged about the wine waiters and complained that coffee bar staff did not know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte.

The complaints about the cheap meals and wine at Westminster come in a survey of MPs and their staff conducted by private pollsters — costing taxpayers another £27,790.

Details obtained under Freedom of Information laws lay bare the full extent of the dissatisfaction. A typical meal — rib-eye steak with hand-cut chips and Béarnaise sauce — costs two quid — £7.80, less a taxpayers’ subsidy of £5.92.

But one MP whinged: “The restaurants are Soviet-style. Vegetables are horrendously overcooked, meat is often raw.

“Sandwiches taste like they have been frozen for three months. It’s a shocker.”

Another blasted: “The food is really starting to stink.”


Seven DUP MPs to repay over €14,000 for expense claims

SEVEN DUP MPs are to repay more than £14,000 in Westminster expenses on recommendation of retired civil servant Sir Thomas Legg.

SDLP MP Eddie McGrady revealed last night he will agree to repay £6,112, although he is to query the basis on which this figure is calculated.

Sinn Féin’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness is to hand back £3,000, while the Ulster Unionist MP Lady [Sylvia] Hermon is to return £1,365, and SDLP leader Mark Durkan is repaying £236.

Sir Thomas examined MPs’ expenses claims and payments following the controversy over the issue in May and June of this year.

Mr McGrady, the South Down MP, is to repay the largest sum of all 18 northern MPs. He said in a statement: “Despite disputing some of the amounts as calculated and having certain reservations about what appears to be excessive but necessary zeal in the retrospective application of non-existent rules, I too, shall be making full repayment of the schedules outlined in Sir Thomas Legg’s letter to me for the full amount of £6112.00.

Of the DUP grouping in Westminster, South Antrim MP William McCrea is to repay the largest sum – £5,329 – in respect of furniture claims for his London home and other costs. Gregory Campbell is returning £2,656 as his accommodation claims exceeded the allowable limit. Iris Robinson is sending back £2,274, and Dr Ian Paisley is returning £1,181, while Jeffrey Donaldson, David Simpson and Peter Robinson are returning £1,964, £400 and £299 respectively. The remaining two DUP MPs, Sammy Wilson and Nigel Dodds, have not been asked to return anything. Lady Hermon, the UUP’s sole MP, is sending back £1,365 and Foyle MP Mark Durkan is repaying £236.