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The British Constitution Group

Wide Eye Cinema (Truth and alternative media)

BBC5 Television (Truth and alternative media)


Big Brother Watch

Lasting Thought Press

The Ministry of Truth

The Enemy Within

The People’s United Community

We Are Change

We Are Change (London)

Common Purpose Exposed

Stop Common Purpose

Guido Fawkes

38 degrees

Petition to oust the P.M.


The Taxpayers’ Alliance

They [M.P.s] Work For You

No2ID -Stop the Database State

Campaign Against DWP Corruption

Families’ Link International

The Truth Will Out

Screw the Bailiff

The U.K. Column

British Constitution Group

Abolish the Bank of England

Beau Bo D’or

United Kingdom National Defence Association

CrisisLogo Shelter Crisis -Fighting for Hope for Homeless People

9 thoughts on “Our Friends

  1. Good luck with this site. We wish you the very best and will be checking back from time to time as you get better established.


  2. Dear Editor,
    Here are another two for you

    2 suspended in Labour members probe

    Published on the16 July

    Labour has suspended two local councillors from the North East who are accused of paying for people to join the party.

    Following a meeting on Monday night, Pervaz Khan and Derek Loughborough, who sit on Middlesbrough Council, were placed on “administrative suspension”.

    It is claimed that the pair recruited people to join the Labour Party after paying their initial subscription fees.

    The investigation is being carried out by the Labour North Regional Office.

    A Labour North spokesman said: “Councillor Khan and Councillor Loughborough have been placed on administrative suspension from the Labour Party as part of an investigation into concerns regarding recruitment of members to the Labour Party in Middlesbrough.

    “It would be inappropriate to comment further at this point.”

    There are parallels with the row in Falkirk, where the Unite union is alleged to have paid for as many as 100 of its members to join the local Labour Party to influence the selection of its preferred candidate at the next general election.

    Leader Ed Miliband has ordered an investigation into the Falkirk issue and the police have been called in to investigate possible fraud.

    The situation in Middlesbrough is different, a local source said, as local MP Andy McDonald will definitely be the Labour candidate at the next election, having taken the safe seat in a by-election in November.

    There was speculation that any alleged payment to boost local membership could have been motivated by a desire to build a local power base, or influence the selection process for council positions.

    Mr Khan represents the Middlehaven ward while Mr Loughborough represents North Ormesby and Brambles Farm.

    Mr Loughborough said: “I would like to make no comment. It’s an internal thing and it’s getting sorted out internally.”

    Mr Khan was unavailable for comment.

    Councillor Charlie Rooney, leader of the council’s Labour group, declined to comment, saying the matter was being handled regionally.


  3. Dear Editor

    Here is some one to add to your list of Enemies of the People

    Pervert Councillor Barry Phelps, ex-Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has resigned his seat on Monday 5 July 2010 after the scandal of sending e-mails sexualising pictures of young boys with lewd comments.

    Here’s a video link about the scandal:

    Also here’s a newspaper report from the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle:


    Here’s a link to a blog updated daily on the scandal which gives all the sordid details:


    Best wishes



  4. This web side is almost unreadable. Get a new web designer.


  5. All those little groups need to unite, the smaller parties need to work together are election time, work together, don’t fight wards where there are decent MP’s, yes there still a few out there,



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