M. P.s vs Army

To both pacifist, apathetic, and war-monger…

This section is in defence of the British Army; an army for which the Government does not care. While the British Army show courage, conviction, strength, and duty (to their comrades and regiments) in the field of  ENFORCED combat for modern “democratic” imperialism, M.P.s have again proved their cowardice, acquittal, weakness, and treason in the field of their self-enriching genocide and war-crimes.

This website is neither pacifist nor is it gung-ho: we believe primarily in the natural virtue of DEFENCE. Only in defence can war be justified.

Here we see much evidence of treason, cowardice, imperialism, and down-right PATHETIC play from M.P.s who send the innocents out to war but keep their guilty clique close and safe at home like a shyster keeps close to his chest the pack of marked cards.

Read on…

The British Government’s War Against the British Army



6 thoughts on “M. P.s vs Army

  1. Tracking the history of war from the days of Sargon the Great to the present I see a profoundly disturbing pattern of abuse and misuse of soldiers by egotistical monsters obsessed with ownership of ‘land people’. You are a ‘land-person’. I am a ‘land-person’ and the land we live on has been slowly appropriated by a warrior class that has evolved into an elite who have largely kept it in the family, held together by a ‘royal blood line’, ever since. We inhabit land today that is owned by a klaidescope of landlords, the largest of which comprise a sizeable community, though small relative to the population of ‘land-people’, who occupy seats of power that are not officially registered as executive offices of state (being portrayed as ceremonial ha ha) but are none the less recorded with euphemistic labels like Chief Commissar or High Sherif of Something or Other. Appointed by the Queen, a big land owner.
    Anyhow I digress. Ownership and Militarism are two sides of the same coin. Armies were privately run by these egotistical monsters for thousands of years before the recent development of ‘national’ armies (which are still indirectly privately owned by a new aristoracy of owners, namely bankers and industrial oligarchs. AKA Oil Reserves) Soldiers would be sent into battle, psyched up by their handlers with images of other ‘land-people’ as enemies of their ‘country’ (not one of them owned anything, not even a square centremetre of land, but being barely literate and gullible they were easy targets for the wily land grabber who programmed them to believe the illusion that the battle was in defence of ‘their land’)
    The truth of the matter invariably is that war is a battle between landowners (who plunder its resources to finance their expansion of land). Soldiers are stupid enough to swallow hook line and sinker the blatant lie that they are defending ‘the realm’.
    Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
    The Rothschilds by Derek Wilson
    When Corporations Rule the World by David Korten
    War on Democracy by John Pilger
    Globalisation of Poverty by M. Chossudovsky
    Flat Earth News by Nick davies
    Deception by Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark
    Web of Deceit by Mark Curtis
    Who Owns Britain by Kevin Cahill
    Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky
    Descent into Chaos by Ahmed Rashid
    Short History of War Karen Metz & Richard Gabriel
    Saxons and Normans Christopher Brooke
    Merchants of Death H.c. Engelbrecht & F.C Hanighen (WW1 Weapons Merchants)
    etc etc


  2. Would the following shed any light on who is forcing our taxpayer to protect their pipelines, and the 200 billion asset grab recently announced by the Bank of England, now seemingly under control of Concordia, the French holding company under which the House of Rot recently consolidated their British assets.

    The American references are insightful and worth a peek.



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USGSOViaulc rothschild and american history
    Also http://tinyurl.com/moh7jt

    Who are the rothschilds
    Also http://tinyurl.com/ycpeqvs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F4IGwuKdUQ&NR=1 Rots vs people econs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F4IGwuKdUQ&NR=1 Rot econs 101

    Obama deception
    Also http://tinyurl.com/yeup77l


  3. Assault on democracy

    http://www.christian.org.uk/wp-content/downloads/marginchristians.pdf UK

    Feb 4> B o E’s asset grab Yahoo online

    As expected, the European Central Bank left interest rates unchanged at 1.0 percent for the ninth month running. Likewise, the Bank of England kept rates on hold at a record low of 0.5 percent and announced no increase to its unprecedented 200 billion pound asset-buying programme.
    (Reporting by Brian Gorman)

    Rothschilds unify holdings by having French branch (Concordia) swallow up the English branch…that would surely include the Bank of England and the 200 billion pounds of British assets….?

    The Rotschild owned Bank of England sets the gold standard. Gordon Brown sold of England’s gold assets at the lowest possible price. Wonder who acquired them… and if anti-trust type regulations exist to invalidate any possible “insider” trading by the House of Rot.
    Nothing new to this shower….


  4. It’s criminal, most squaddies think they are serving Queen and Country, in fact, Parliament is a charade, they are in fact nothing more than Mercenaries working for the Global Elites.


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