A Collection of Humorous and Serious Videos Highlighting Government Attacks Upon the Innocent People

(Feel free to post in the comments section your favourite videos.)

Misandrous Hate-criminal Harriet Harperson Tries to Defend -with Utter Contempt for the People- the Crooks in Her Gang:

Tory Eric Pickles Offends the People by Condescendingly Trying to Justify his Gross Consumption of the People’s Money:

MPs’ Expenses -A Musical Pt. 1:

MPs’ Expenses -A Musical Pt. 2:

MPs’ Daylight Robbery:

New Labour Sue the Troops


One thought on “Videos

  1. I believe many of the people in our jails have more honour than these leeches.

    These arrogant MPs just do not seem to understand how sordid, grasping, dishonest and sleazy their misuse of taxpayers money is. The just do not get it and I don’t believe they ever will. Their sense of propriety is warped.

    Have they no pride? Do they really believe they are better than the benefit scroungers they condemn? In many ways they are WORSE. These politicians have the opportunity to earn huge amounts honestly, which is beyond the wildest dreams of ordinary folk. They are not stupid – well, not in the intellectual way, so they can raise themselves higher than many on permanent benefits. They have often had the benefit of a good private education and free college courses, now denied to people in England.

    They will never be imprisoned for non-payment of a TV licence – They just get the taxpayer to fork out.

    They will not have their homes repossessed. Their mortgage is safeguarded by the long-suffering taxpayer.

    They will not have to splash a fortune out on getting their child onto the housing ladder. Just get the taxpayer to fund most of it the monthly payments for the 2nd home, plus the furnishings, then sell it at a much discounted price to the kids and start all over again with another 2nd home.

    Feel like kicking back and watching a blue movie. Well, get the taxpayer to buy you a beautiful new TV and get them to pay for the porn too. Just don’t let the public find out about the porn. If they do, you may have to pay the costs back.

    Oh, there are so many dreadful, disreputable antics these cretins in Westminster get up to, none of which benefit this Country. These greedy oafs are in the job purely for the money and status. The only people they want to benefit from their work is themselves and their family and friends.


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